Ryazhenka 4,2% 400g

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Best before 26/07/2022

SKU: DAI-2327

Ryazhenka is made from natural milk, fermented by specially selected lactic acid bacteria, thanks to which the product acquires a unique taste and aroma, thick and delicate texture. Appearance and consistence: homogeneous dough with a glossy surface.

 Ingredients: whole milk, ferment of sour-milk mesophilic bacteria

 Taste and smell: clean, milky, foreign, odors and aromas.

Color: white, cream color, uniform throughout the mass.

 Nutritional value per 100 g: 

Energy: 25% fat: 65 kcal / 260 kJ;

Protein: 3.3 g

Carbohydrate: 3 g,
Fat: 4.2 g,

Salt 0.1 g, 

Sugar 0.6 g

Packing: polystyrene cup;

Storage tº: +2 ºС +6 ºС;