Vodka "Khortitsa Structured" 40% 0.7L


High quality raw materials, the use of the most modern technologies in production, unique design - thanks to this, Khortytsa vodka is known all over the world today. She has been in the TOP-3 vodka brands since 2015.

The vodka got its name from the name of the island of the same name - the largest on the Dnieper. The drink is produced in the Zaporozhye region of Ukraine, at the plant, which is the only one in Ukraine that was built according to a unique project from scratch. Also "Khortitsa" is produced - on a franchise - in Russia and Belarus. In the manufacture of vodka, natural water, alcohol "Wheat tear" is used. The unique taste comes from the precise dosage of the ingredients.

The company that produces vodka "Khortitsa" is the largest alcoholic beverage holding in the east of Europe Global Spirits. It was founded in 2008.