Sweet box sweets Bird's milk 200g

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SKU: SWE-1409

Airy soufflé with creamy vanilla flavor.

The famous "Ptichie moloko" sweets - a delicate whipped filling covered with a layer of chocolate glaze - are probably familiar to every person in our country. The history of the creation of this delicacy began in the 50s of the twentieth century. Before that, the Soviet confectionery industry did not produce such sweets. After long research, the required recipe and consistency of the soufflé were developed and in 1956 at the Rot Front factory the in-line production of the novelty began.

The name was not chosen by chance - it symbolized the exceptional pleasure that any person who tasted "Bird's Milk" should have experienced. In addition, birds of paradise were also depicted on boxes in which the first editions of sweets were packed - they were sold by weight later.

Customers liked the new sweets, so sales grew steadily. Taste and quality were also noted by experts - in 1967 "Bird's milk" was awarded the highest award - the State Quality Mark of the USSR. Over time, new tastes began to be developed for the popularly beloved brand, and he himself became the ancestor of a whole type of sweets. More than half a century has passed, and the Ptichie Moloko sweets are still a popular treat and a welcome gift.