Universal mushroom seasoning 200g

Belarus S$5.50

SKU: CON-114

Ingredients: salt, a mixture of vegetables and mushrooms (carrot slices, granulated garlic, parsnip root slices, celery root slices, onion slices, paprika red slices, paprika green slices, parsley greens, dill greens, parsley root slices, dried mushrooms dried pieces, dried chanterelle mushrooms pieces), sugar, yeast extract, mushroom extract, coconut oil, corn starch, mashed potatoes, spices (turmeric, ground black pepper, ground nutmeg), caramelized sugar, olive oil. The product may contain traces of mustard, celery, sesame seeds.

Nutrition value of 100g of the product (average values): proteins - 3 g, fats - 2 g, carbohydrates - 33 g. 

Energy value: 680 kJ (160 kcal).