Sherbet 500g


The value of this oriental dessert is due to the components that make up it. And if sherbet is also prepared at home, then, undoubtedly, its nutritional value is high. Indeed, milk contains lactose, casein, protein. All these substances are needed by the body for the normal functioning of the heart, liver and kidneys. Milk also contains a lot of vitamin A, which is necessary for maintaining good vision. Vitamin B1 is important for the normal absorption of sugar, and vitamin D promotes better absorption of calcium in the intestine.

Ingredients such as nuts and dried fruits also enhance the benefits of this treat. For example, the most suitable supplement for this treat is peanuts. It is rich in vegetable fats, polyunsaturated acid, vitamins E, PP, A and group B, biotin. Peanuts are well absorbed by the body and have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Dried fruits are also useful. Dried apricots saturate the human body with vitamin A, it is also useful for anemia and hypertension. Prunes are very useful for vitamin deficiency, constipation, and the fight against excess weight. Prunes have high antibacterial properties. Raisins are good for dental and gum health, strengthen the nervous system and lungs, and even suppress anger.