Ryazhenka "Moya semya", 3.5%, 1L

Ryazhenka "Moya semya", 3.5%, 1L

Ryazhenka "Moya semya", 3.5%, 1L

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Ryazhenka is one of the most common fermented milk products. It is made from baked cow's milk, to which sourdough is added: bulgarian stick, thermophilic streptococci.

Creamy color, thick and rich taste with delicate caramel sweetness (of course, without a gram of sugar) - that's why both children and adults love ryazhenka. 

This product can diversify the daily diet, as well as be used in cooking. For example, for baking, desserts, pancakes or fritters

Ingredients: Whole milk with the use of starter microorganisms: thermophilic lactic streptococci

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