Dumplings kluski Gnocchi frozen 400g

Belarus S$11.50

SKU: FRO-1304

 Potato half-finished product. 

Ingredients: boiled potato, starch: potato, tapioca; iodized salt, wheat fiber, dried fried onion (onion, vegetable oil, wheat flour), sugar, powdered black pepper. Product may contain traces of soy, egg and milk products. Nutritional value (average rated data) per 100 g of the product: protein - 1,5 g, fat - 0,4 g, carbohydrates - 26 g, energy value: 480 kJ (110 kcal). Eat after heat treatment.

Cooking method: 1. Put frozen dumplings into salty boiling water (1 part of dumplings, 5 parts of water). ! Do nor stir until surfaced. After boiling cook at a medium boil for 3-5 minutes. Put cooked dumplings on a plate with a slotted spoon. Serve hot with sour cream, fried bacon and onion, melted butter. 2. Put frozen dumplings on a heated frying pan and fry

Producer: JV «Santa Bremor» LLC, Republic of Belarus, Brest, Katin Bor st, 106, tel.: +375 162 29-90-29

Produced and packed/Best before/Batch No: printed on the package. Store at temperature not above minus 18 °С.

Once opened, store the product at temperature not above minus 18° С.