"Nikolaevskaja" sunflower halva 150g

Lithuania S$3.50

Best before 31/12/2020

Famous "Nikolaevskaya" sunflower halva.

Halva Nikolaevskaya is produced only from natural products.

Halva is not only a healthy and tasty delicacy but also a magnificent source of energy. Since halva is made from natural seeds (sunflower, walnut, sesame), it is particularly rich in vitamins and minerals - sunflower halva: with vitamin E, zinc; walnut halva – with vitamin E, protein; sesame halva – with group B vitamins, manganese, copper, calcium.

Halva as a snack originated from the East and Middle East countries. Halva production entails the history of a labour-intensive old craftsmanship that later turned into a modern mechanized production process.

Ingredients: sunflower seeeds, glucose syrup, sugar, sunflower oil, licorice root extract, citric acid, vanilin.