Microwave popcorn with cheddar cheese 99g

Latvia S$2.50

Soft Popcorn with cheddar cheese is a soft, gooey popcorn that is delicious and addicting! A great snack or dessert!

Ingredients: corn grain "popcorn" (80%), palm oil (16%), salt 3%, flavoring - "Cheddar cheese". 

Cooking instructions:

1.Remove the cellophane and place the paper bag in the center of the microwave oven with the "microwave popcorn" side down.

2.Turn the oven on at full power, setting the time from 2 to 4 minutes (depending on the microwave power: 1000W - 2 minutes, 800W - 3 minutes, 600W - 4 minutes).

3.Watch carefully - when the bag is full and the grains will burst at intervals of 1-2 seconds, turn off the oven.

4.Remove the bag from the microwave and shake well. Caution, the package is very hot!

5.Pulling diagonally at the top corners of the bag, carefully open it. Beware, the popcorn is very hot!

6.If there are a lot of unopened beans in the bag, slightly increase the cooking time for the next bag.

Store in a dry and cool place. 

Best before date: 24 months from production date. Indicated on the package.

Manufacturer: AST Popcorn Ltd