Lollipop caramel Barbaris 250g


Best before 01/08/2022

SKU: SWE-1413

Lollipop caramel with barberry extract.

Of all the caramel varieties of the Rot Front factory, one of the most famous names is undoubtedly Barberry ®. Its recipe was probably developed at the beginning of the 20th century, and perhaps even earlier, however, the name of these candies was first noted only in the 1930s. Before that, many types of caramel sold without labels may not have had any name at all. To prevent such caramel from sticking together, it was first sprinkled with fine sugar or powder.

Interestingly, the candy canes were originally square! Such was the peculiarity of the machines in the caramel shop - ready-made candies were cut from the total mass into cubes. Since the 1950s of the twentieth century, equipment for the production of caramel began to be actively updated - this was immediately reflected in the form. First, "Barberry" ® became rectangular, then lollipops with rounded edges appeared, and only then - practically round caramels, as they are still produced today.

The popularity of caramel "Barberry" ® in Soviet times was enormous, for a long time this type of caramel literally dominated the list of products, but gradually the production volumes began to gradually decline due to the increase in the assortment of candy caramel from the Rot Front factory. However, thanks to the installation of new high-performance production lines, the production of “Barberry” ® lollipops went up again and by the end of the 2000s it had grown significantly - up to almost 2 thousand tons per year. To this day, lollipops of light pink color with a sweet and slightly sour berry taste remain a real hit of sales of the Rot Front factory.