Halva in chocolate 400g

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Best before 18/10/2021

Halva - one of the most famous oriental delicacies - enjoys great love among domestic consumers. In our country, the most famous is halva produced by the Moscow confectionery factory "Rot Front".

In 1970, a historic decision was made - to join the confectionery factory “Im. Marat ", located in Zamoskvorechye, to the nearby Rot Front factory. This is how Rot Front created its own halvah production, which made it possible, among other things, to make unique halva from sesame seeds! After the unification of capacities, the production volumes of oriental sweets began to grow rapidly. Soon the factory was already producing several types of halva at once: sunflower, peanut and sesame.

In the 1980s, halva production lines were significantly improved. One of the key innovations is the new packaging format. If earlier halva was first wrapped in parchment or paper, and then placed in a strong box or even a metal jar for safety, then on the new line the halva mass was immediately poured into plastic cups, which were then hermetically sealed with foil. In this easily recognizable format, it is still produced today. The popularity of halva among Russian buyers is very high, and the demand for it is constantly growing. Today, the Rot Front factory produces many types of halva for every taste, including glazed and supplemented with various ingredients.