Georgian seasoning Kharcho Suneli 50g

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Kharchos Suneli as the mix of spices used in Kharcho soup is often called in Georgia is a traditional Georgian mixture made exceptionally for the Kharcho soup. The Kharcho Suneli consists of the following ingredients: 

Uktsho Suneli – aka Ulumbo aka blue fenugreek, a member of the legume family, ground dried fruits and flowers, which are used as a spice. It also dresses various Georgian walnut salads. Blue Fenugreek is common in the European kitchen as well. You have to be careful with it, as may give a bitter taste to a meal. 

Yellow Flower – aka Imeritian Saffron – the spice is often mistaken with Saffron (lat. Crocus) for its similar name and color. Asian Saffron is a precious spice which has nothing to do with our Yellow Flower – Tagetes (Lat. Tagetes patula). Tagetes is a perennial plant with orange-colored flowers. Flowers are used dried and ground in meals making the dish taste delicious.

Dried Coriander – ground coriander seeds deliver the finishing touches to the aromatic bouquet of the dish. It has a distinct aroma and slightly bitter taste.   

Red paprika – An aromatic bright red paprika is an absolute must for Kharcho and the best is the one produced right in Georgia.