Dried bream fillet lesh 36g

Germany S$3.80

Best before 30/09/2021

Bream is a representative of the carp family, reaching a length of 70 cm, and the weight of the fish can exceed 8 kg.

Breams can also live in drying up water bodies, in which zones with aquatic vegetation are preferred. Found in Europe, Asia and America.

The composition of bream includes important components involved in metabolic processes. 100 g of fillet of bream contains about 220 mg of phosphorus, 250 g of potassium and 165 g of chlorine.

Ingredients: Dried bream fillet, salt, flavor enhancer sodium glutamate, stabilizer sorbitol E420.

Fishing region: South China Sea.

Store at a temperature not exceeding 25°C

Best before: indicated on package.

Manufacturer: Monolith Mitte GmbH