Dark chocolate Babaevskii with whole hazelnuts 200g


Dark chocolate with whole hazelnut kernels.

The product, which in due time glorified the confectionery factory “Im. Babayev "and which today is one of the most popular products of the Babaevsky Confectionery Concern, is undoubtedly the famous Babaevsky bitter chocolate. More interesting fact is that the enterprise, whose history goes back more than two centuries, did not produce chocolate at all for almost thirty years after the 1917 revolution, and, having recreated its chocolate business from scratch, quickly became the leader of this direction in the country!

There were two main secrets to the success of the new chocolate. Firstly, one of the important advantages of the “Im. Babayev ”was the installation of the latest equipment and the availability of talented specialists in the chocolate shop, thanks to whom the enterprise managed to achieve the highest degree of cocoa grinding. Due to this, the chocolate mass turned out to be homogeneous and literally melted in the mouth like butter. Secondly, the factory's technologists have developed a unique recipe for dark chocolate, adding cognac alcohol and tea extract to it. The texture and unique tart taste distinguish Babaevsky chocolate to this day.

Today, the company's technologists are boldly experimenting with various recipes, creating new types of Babaevsky chocolate for any, the most demanding taste. So, new items with almonds, cashews, orange and tangerine candied fruits, maple syrup, pecans, coconut flakes and pine nuts, and other original additives appear in the line. It will not be an exaggeration to say that tasting Babaevsky chocolate is a pleasure for real gourmets.