Candies creme brulee fondant with cognac Chamomile 250g

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Fondant sweets “Romashki” of the legendary Moscow factory “Red October” have been one of the most famous and popular sweets of the enterprise for almost a hundred years! The enterprise began to produce them back in 1937. The 30s became the period for the factory to create the largest number of names of fondant sweets. Many of them are so loved by customers that they are still produced today.

The fondant from which the body of the candy is made tastes like crème brulee with light cognac and vanilla notes. Perhaps, it was this combination that made the "Romashki" very popular, in addition, in Soviet times, they were among the most affordable in the factory's entire line of fondant sweets.

One of the interesting features of "Romashki" sweets from the "Red October" factory is a non-standard design solution. The fact is that these candies were produced simultaneously in packages of two different colors: red and green. At the same time, the same candies were always placed inside different wrappers. However, most buyers were eager to try Romashki with both red and green wrappers. This is how a simple advertising gimmick worked flawlessly and continues to work, referring back to the times of witty jokes of pre-revolutionary pastry chefs.