Cocoa powder Zolotoy Yarlyk 100g

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Best before 11/03/2022

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The famous cocoa Zolotoy Yarlyk is one of the oldest products of the Krasny Oktyabr factory. More than 110 years ago this tasty and aromatic drink was already featured in the price lists of the Einem partnership, the predecessor of the legendary enterprise, and was famous throughout the country. Cocoa was considered a drink of intellectuals and aristocrats. Many poets of the Silver Age spoke about their love for Golden Label cocoa.

If at the beginning of the twentieth century cocoa Zolotoy Yarlyk was packed in a purple jar, then by the 60s its image was already firmly associated with a green box covered with gold patterns. Attempts to change the design of the packaging were not approved by the buyers, therefore, to our time, the appearance of the packaging has been preserved without significant changes. Like a hundred years ago, the  cocoa Zolotoy Yarlyk is synonymous with excellent taste and quality, a favorite treat for adults and children, a drink of poets and an assistant to housewives!