Tomatoes salted cherry 500g


It is difficult to overestimate the role of pickles in human life. They make our food varied and complete, saturate the body with useful vitamins and components.

Pickles and pickled vegetables of the Beloruchka trademark will be a great addition to your table on ordinary days, corporate celebrations, family celebrations. Not every housewife can make preparations for the winter on her own. Why then limit yourself to your favorite foods? Dishes from "Beloruchka" prepared according to home recipes will become irreplaceable for you. The famous physiologist I.P. Pavlov argued that only that food brings benefits that are consumed by appetite. Marinades and pickles not only whet the appetite, they give a special taste to the main dishes, they are an ideal snack for any table.

Storage conditions: at temperatures from + 2'C to + 6'C and relative humidity of 85-95%
Weight: 500g
Expiration date 25 days