Sausage beef 500g

Australia S$9.00

SKU: MEA-2062

100% pure Australian beef sausages infused with a delicious spices. The sausages are great for grilling, pan frying or oven baking. Ideal for kids lunch boxes, tasty on-the-go snack or lunch for adults, finger food item for your next party or gathering. You can even serve them with eggs for breakfast. About our Beef: The Australian beef industry produces some of the finest beef in the world. The industry is geared to producing high quality grass-fed, grain-fed and organic beef and breed-specific products, such as Wagu and Angus. Australian beef has the natural-advantage, where the cattle graze on open pasture and most are exclusively grass-fed. Our top-quality meat is assessed for its rib fat, meat colour, eye muscle area, fat colour and marbling. All our beef is 100% halal.