Eggplant caviar Gospodarochka 445g

Ukraine S$5.00

Best before 01/08/2022

Terrific smoky eggplant caviar dip! Perfect to spread over crackers for an easy, healthy, delicious appetizer.

Ingredients: Cooked eggplants 73%, boiled pumpkin (no more than 10%), tomato paste (25%) - 6.5%, fried carrots 4%, fried onions 2%, refined sunflower oil, table salt, sugar, wheat flour, fresh dill or dill essential oil, ground black pepper, ground red pepper.

Store at a temperature 0°C to 25°C and a relative humidity not exceeding 75%. 

Production date / Expiration date: indicated on the package. 

Best before: within 36 months.

Manufacturer: Production Association Odessa Cannery PJSC.