New products

Classic pork shashlik with adjika
200g S$12.50
Chicken shashlik
200g S$12.00
Svalia sour cream 22% 200g
Lithuania S$4.50
Lamb kebab with tzatziki
200g S$16.50
Cottage cheese cake 750g
750g S$14.90
VILNIAUS no sugar dark rye loaf 500g
Lithuania S$9.50
Beef shashlik with adjika
180g S$16.50
VISAGRUDE Rye no yeast wholegrain bread 300g
Lithuania S$6.50
Sliced dvaro semi-hard cheese 50% 200g
Lithuania S$5.80
BEMIELE no yeast 100% Dark Rye Bread 450g
Lithuania S$8.80
Svalia spread cream cheese with cucumber 50% 130g
Lithuania S$4.50
Olivie salad with beef tongue 1kg
2.5 kg S$23.00
Olivie salad with ham 1kg
2.5 kg S$23.00
Sliced gouda cheese 45% 200g
Lithuania S$5.80
Sliced edam cheese 45% 200g
Lithuania S$5.80
Smoked cheese 45% 180g
Lithuania S$5.80
BOCIU dark rye bread hand made 1.5kg
Lithuania S$24.00
6 oysters (half dozen) Canada
6pc S$18.00
AGOTOS light rye bread 800g
Lithuania S$14.00
Parmesan cheese 40% 200g
Lithuania S$7.90