Ready to eat

Cottage cheese cake 750g
750g S$14.90
Boiled beef tongue
150g S$8.90
Classic hummus
200g S$6.00
Cervelat sausage sausage
300g S$15.90
Greek hummus with olives and feta
200g S$7.00
Crepes with beef 2pc
150g S$4.50
Olivie salad with beef tongue 1kg
2.5 kg S$23.00
Olivie salad with ham 1kg
2.5 kg S$23.00
Beefstroganoff ready to eat 300g
300g S$18.90
Homemade beef & lamb chebureki 2pc 200g
200g S$8.50
6 oysters (half dozen) Canada
6pc S$18.00
Smoked chicken roll sausage
300g S$15.90
Homemade beef chebureki 2pc 200g
200 S$8.00
Pesto hummus
200g S$7.00
Stuffed feta olives 150g
200g S$7.80
Avocado dip 200g
Australia S$5.80$6.80
Mixed olives 150g
200g S$7.20
Kalamata olives 150g
200g S$6.80
Black caviar "Siberian" 30g
Uruguay S$49.00
Cheese & chives dip vegan 200g
Australia S$7.40