Candied roasted nuts in chocolate glaze Grillage 200g

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The classic composition of roasted candies includes only a few ingredients - nuts, sugar and chocolate coating. In the production of roasted candies, a solid nut mass is made, which is further glazed with a thin layer of chocolate. Nowadays, roasted candies are "poured" with milk, bitter or white chocolate. In addition, the composition of roasted candies itself has undergone some changes and a modern delicacy is made not only from nuts, but also from fruits.

The calorie content of roasted candies is at a fairly high level and corresponds to 510 Kcal, which are per 100 grams of confectionery. This level of calorie content in roasted candies is primarily due to the composition of the product, which contains nutritious nuts, sugar and chocolate. Roasted candies are certainly a delicious confectionery. However, nutritionists advise avoiding frequent consumption of the product in food for people who are obese or diabetic.

Nuts in the process of making sweets are fried and poured with sugar syrup, and then covered with chocolate. Roasted candies can harm teeth and enamel. Biting through hard candy can break a tooth. In addition, roasted candies are slowly absorbed by the body due to the high content of nuts in the product.